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We’re Setting the Standards in IVF treatment

Children bring so much of happiness and joy to the family. To have a baby of their own is a great fortune for any woman. It can be considered as the completion of womanhood. 80% of women desiring children, conceive within one year of marriage and another 10 % within the second year. According to the World Health Organization, the incidence of infertility is about 10 % worldwide. Another 10-12% of all the other couples have only one child and wish to have more. The incidence of infertility is gradually increasing all over the world. Kokoori Laparoscopy IVF Clinic is an exclusive centre for fertility treatment and Laparoscopic surgeries . Founded by Dr Sivadas V Kokoori, an expert in the field of infertility treatment laparscopy who has already helped thousands of couples to realize their dream of having a baby…

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Since its founding Kokoori Clinic has been providing its patients with the full medical care and encompassing outpatients services.

Dedicated Doctors at Kokoori

We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients what it is and we are very proud of achievement of our staff, We are all work together to help our all patients for recovery

Customized services

Here, patients can avail healthcare benefits in facilities varying in size from small, specialized clinics to large, multi-specialty hospitals. India's offerings are classified into a range of categories that can suit every budget and every need.

Growing Trends

As per estimates, around 1.7 lakh foreigners fly to India for medical treatment every year, to avail world-class personalised healthcare services. Indian hospitals meet international standards of cleanliness and hygiene and their top-class infrastructure suits the needs of patients coming for treatments such as heart surgery, knee replacement orthopaedic treatments, cosmetic surgery, eye care, dental treatment or any other healthcare need

Use of latest technologies

Indian hospitals are equipped with highly advanced equipment and use latest technologies to offer sophisticated medical services that are easily comparable to those offered by developed countries.

Medical Value Tourism

India is emerging as a preferred healthcare destination for patients across the globe. In fact, medical tourism has earned a prominent position in statistics related to tourist influx as well as revenue generation for the services sector. India is considered a highly effective centre for specialized treatments such as Gynec & Infertility treatments, Cosmetic treatments, Cardiac Surgeries among others. Why should you opt for India for getting the most complex medical problems sorted out?

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