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Infertility Counseling: A Third-party Perspective

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Infertility Counseling: A Third-party Perspective

Infertility is much more than just a physical medical condition and affects every aspect of your life. It can affect your relationship with others or can even question your outlook on life. An understandable, transparent bond between the doctor and the patient is always necessary.

In simple words, infertility counseling is creating clear communication between the specialist and the patient. Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic offers counseling during fertility treatment as infertility counseling helps to build a transparent and closer relationship between the doctor and patient. The couple who is being treated for infertility must be aware of their problem in a detailed safe atmosphere which a specialized doctor can offer. 

Infertility is often associated with fallacy which makes it difficult for the couple to find a chance to explore their thoughts and mental process. This basically leads to misconceptions and myths. In order to avoid such a complicated situation for an already struggling couple, it is preferably better to have a face-to-face straightforward discussion with the specialized doctor of Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic and bring positive energy to themselves. 

There is an undeniable chance for the infertile couple or the individual to go through anxiety or depression which arises from social pressure or from knowing the fact that they can’t conceive. Counseling helps you relax and ease your psychological pressure by opening up to a specialized doctor. Sexual dysfunction, damaged self-esteem, and more psychological factors could trigger and the patient is more likely to be surrounded by negative emotions and distress.   

During a counseling session with the doctor, the couple can discuss their confidential matters. Infertility experts of Kokoori have lots of experience in the field and can relate to the situation that the patient is going through which makes it easy for the doctor to connect with the patient. Also getting a better and different non-judgemental perspective and an empathetic framework will be helpful for the couple to relax. 

Different Kinds Of Infertility Counseling

  • Implication counseling

In the former stage where the counselor is responsible to make the patient understand and explain the implication of the treatment. Via implication counseling, the patient takes the decision if or if not to proceed with the treatment. Counselor at this stage sits and explain the consequences of the treatment and how it could affect them. 

  • Supportive counseling

 Here, Kokoori’s specialized doctor offers psychological support throughout the treatment, i.e., from the initial stage till the end of the treatment. The doctor gives the patient a space to express their concerns which helps to overcome the emotional issue of the couple before, during, or after the treatment.

  • Therapeutic counseling

A couple should be able to handle the outcome of the treatment or be able to cope with the treatment result. Mainly supporting the patient in accepting the problem and making them aware of the methods of treatment that are provided.

For infertility counseling, both couples should visit the doctor as both partners will be affected by decisions surrounding infertility and treatment. 

As mentioned, Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic recommend every patient, who comes for treatment, opt for infertility counseling. There are chances where the patient might not prefer or need fertility counseling at the beginning stage. But if treatment moves further and reaches a point for IVF, then every patient prefers the comfort of a professional infertility counselor. In order to move forward with stability, at least, patients should not step back from seeking fertility treatment.

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