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Let’s, Together, Break Some Myths!!

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Let's, Together, Break Some Myths!! | Kokoori Laparoscopic & IVF Clinic

Let’s, Together, Break Some Myths!!

Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic follows procedures to prevent genetic problems or help with fertility and the conception of a child. Infertility affects a wide range of individuals, majorly breaking down due to an unhealthy lifestyle. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a procedure that is being done in advanced fertility clinics to help couples who can’t conceive.

Unfortunately, there are many myths that buzz around IVF and fertility treatments that make individuals doubt their want to be a part of the procedure despite having advanced IVF fertility centers across the state. There are quite a few misconceptions that need to be addressed. Kokoori here is mentioning some such conceptions and facts about those mistaken aspects of fertility treatment.

Positive thinking fixes infertility

First thing first, let us understand for a fact that infertility is a medical condition and not any psychological issue that can be fixed with just positive thinking. Infertility might cause psychological problems (infertility-related distress ) but not the other way around. Take time, do your research and consult the best IVF specialists at Kokoori Laparoscopic & IVF clinic.

Pregnancy, a female-oriented problem

In 2022, even after IVF treatments gained recognition all across the globe and India is one of the best countries for IVF treatment there still are people who think infertility is a woman-oriented issue. Studies say that one-third of infertility cases are caused by women, one-third by men and the remaining cases have a combination factor of both genders. Infertility affects each individual differently and has its own symptoms and methods. 

IVF is expensive

There generally is a misconception that infertility treatments are expensive which is not exactly the case. Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic is one of the best affordable IVF clinics in the state. Also, the expenses of the treatments purely depend on the individual’s physical location, the medical condition of the mother, and the doctor’s expertise.

IVF can only be utilized in case of infertility

Well not exactly. There are couples for whom conception is not possible not just because of problems related to infertility. For a homosexual couple, it is otherwise difficult to conceive a child and hence IVF can be of great help.

Fertility doctors and clinics are all the same

A fertility doctor makes sure to provide personal care to their patients that fulfill their needs at any cost. IVF specialized doctors of Kokoori monitor and conducts necessary checkups and keep in touch with their patients. 

Fertility treatments take too long

IVF treatments taking a long duration should be considered a plus rather than a myth. Kokoori IVF clinic makes sure that the patient’s schedule does not interfere. However, should note that IVF preparations may take a couple of weeks as part of the procedures. Hence before concluding with assumptions make sure to keep in touch with the fertility specialist. 

IVF is cent- percent positive

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned let us not forget that every innovation has a minor drawback. IVF gives individuals a fair chance in helping them conceive. The result after undergoing the procedures purely depends on the biological and hormonal conditions of an individual. hence IVF doesn’t guarantee conception but does increase the chances of conception. Visit doctors at Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinics and attain the best available services.

There are more to the list of myths that may lead you to hesitate in proceeding with a treatment that helps achieve your perfect family. Couples should enquire in detail regarding the tests and treatment procedures before proceeding with it. Kokoori clinic ensures proper counseling regarding IVF & ICSI treatment so that the journey to achieve your baby becomes a stress-free and enjoyable process…