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What Might Cause Infertility?

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What Might Cause Infertility

What Might Cause Infertility?

Conceiving a baby is a dream come true for many couples. But, unfortunately, some might face problems and may not be able to conceive a child despite many attempts. Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic is trying to reach out to parents who have lost hope of having a baby. Any individual after identifying fertility-related problems will be desperate for answers. Lack of actual knowledge about what made you undergo this medical condition puts you under excessive mental stress.

First of all, you have to know that infertility can be treated. By thorough clinical evaluation,  investigations, and treatment methods, you can achieve the dream of being a parent with the help of the Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic. 

Infertility is a result of single or combined male / female factors. Researchers suggest that both male and female factors are equally [30% to 40% each], causative for infertility. Infertility might affect the woman or the man or both. In 20% of the cases combination of both men and women causes infertility. Hence knowing why conception is difficult, to evaluate for both genders is essential.

Before proceeding to the treatment regimes, Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic enlists and evaluates the issues of each couple in detail.

Not getting pregnant is the only obvious symptom of infertility. If the couple is not able to conceive after 12 months of sexual intercourse without any birth control then they should be treated for infertility. Also, the chances of conceiving in any menstrual cycle are less than 20 percent. Ovulation, fertilization, and implantation are the main three events of conception. Any condition that might interfere with the mentioned events might result in infertility. 

Factors Affecting Fertility

  • Frequency of intercourse 

The frequency of your intercourse can be a vital reason for infertility. For example, intercourse one time per week increases 17% of conception chances while three times per week is likely to increase 50% of conception chances.

  • Age of the woman

The age of the woman might be a factor in infertility. The fertility rate is likely to decrease after 40 to about 50 percent and also the risk of miscarriages is high.

  • Nutrition

The nutrition level of an individual affects infertility. A decrease in nutrition could lead to less frequent ovulation, that is, if a woman weighs 10 percent to 15 percent below the normal weight ovulation will be less frequent which causes infertility. Being overweight and obesity also is an important cause of infertility and miscarriages. Visit Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinics to get a clear idea of a healthy diet in view of conception plans.

  • STIs and other infections

Sexually transmitted infections(STI), infections passed from one to another through sexual intercourse, might be a reason for infertility. Diagnosing the infection at the earliest is highly recommended by the Kokoori infertility clinic. Chronic Infections like tuberculosis are quite prevalent in developing countries like India. this might seriously affect fertility chances.

Kokoori IVF clinic has listed some factors that affect fertility. Apart from these, there are more factors that contribute to fertility problems such as

  • Smoking
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • Eating disorder
  • Exposure to toxins like lead or pesticides
  • Over exercise 

Above mentioned factors affect women and men differently; reducing the chances of conception and high risk of fetal wastage might be the effect on women while for men, lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, and abnormal sperm production.

Psychological factors like sexual behavior may reflect the couple’s desire not to have children. 

One in ten women of ages 15 to 44 has trouble conceiving. The living style of an individual plays a major role in infertility. Know what has caused your infertility at Kokoori Laparoscopic and IVF clinic and get immediate treatment and follow Kokoori’s specialized doctor’s guidance.

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